Beginner and Advanced Courses


In our beginner courses we go over safe handling and the mechanics of shooting.

  • Stance
  • Grip
  • Sight Alignment

We go over what will happen once the trigger has been pulled. We will also do several dryfire drills so we can correct several common problems before you send a round down range. We can do this at the range or in the comforts of your home. Once we get to the firing line your mechanics will be ready for action.

In our Beginner Course we can provide the following items Free of Charge

  • Handguns
  • Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Hearing and eye Protection

 For our first-time gun buyers: we can help you determine what firearm would be the best fit for your size hands and grip. Gun Shops sell guns and most times people buy what’s available and not what is the best fit. We help you figure out those questions. We have several firearm platforms for you to try out before you make that purchase. We have a saying if it doesn’t fit right you won’t shoot right.

Our goal is for you to enjoy the sport and watching our clients hit their spot gives us a sense of pride and accomplishment.



In our Advanced courses we go over our beginner refresher and then into more technical drilling just to name a few

  • Drawing from the holster / CCW courses
  • Transition Drills
  • Multiple Targets Acquisition
  • Threat Assessment

These courses are designed to keep even the most experienced shooter excited. For Safety purposes we will require new members of Flying Brass Firearms Training to qualify before drilling these techniques. We don’t want anyone getting hurt. Safety is our number one priority.

One on One and Group Classes

We offer both individual and Group courses. Our one on One Courses focus on you and you specific needs to become more confident and better shooter. Our Group courses are more specific in there training usually all students are within the same skill level and are after the same goals.