Your Instructor

I am a shooter have been for nearly 40 years. The truth is I am just like most of you, I am not active or ex-military or law enforcement I thank those of you who are for your service to this great nation. I love the sport of shooting I have spent tens of thousands of hours on the range, but something happened when I was teaching a new shooter how to hold a firearm for the first time and watched them progress I fell in love with teaching and that’s what lead me into becoming an instructor.

I am a Husband, Father, and Grandpa; I am just like you –  I am an armed citizen who believes in the preservation of life and am willing to defend the lives of myself my family and you. I am an armed citizen who enjoys helping other become more confident in their goals what ever they are. To be better at the range or be confident wile you are caring concealed. Education and application are my passions.