I recently completed Michael Merritt, Flying Brass Firearms Training beginner course.

I was amazed at the professionalism offered in the course. I went into it thinking I was going to be taken to a shooting range, handed my gun, and told to start shooting away. This course was way more than I expected. Day one I meet with Michael at a location which made me feel comfortable, we went over legal/laws of gun ownership, getting familiar with the type of handgun I had purchased, stance, and everything else leading up to the day we would be at the range.

Day two was a scenic drive to the range, lots of interesting conversation, and opportunity to ask questions. Michael explained each step in the process, and what to expect next, all which helped ease my nerves. Once at our designated shooting area, which was secluded to limit distractions the fun began. I must admit I was very nervous at first, but Michael’s calm demeanor quickly resolved those thoughts. We practice for a few hours; I feel I made great progress and cannot wait to move on to the next level.

I strongly recommend this course to anyone interested in gun ownership.

Ilene D

I couldn’t have picked a better instructor to teach me what I need to know to defend myself. Michael is thorough, professional, friendly and extremely patient. His level of experience becomes obvious when speaking to him. I 100% feel more confident with my firearm skills thanks to the lessons I took with FBFT. Highly recommend.

Jon H

My wife and I recently took Michael’s class. My wife had never handled firearms before, and Michael was extremely patient with her. She started the day with a bit of healthy fear of something she didn’t know well or understand. By the end of the day, she was MUCH more comfortable and lost some of the fear (but kept just enough to be careful until she learns more and gets some practice under her belt). Safety was Michael’s #1 focus.

I have been around guns for years – and had apparently acquired some bad habits. Michael helped me to correct some of those, and in the process made me a better and more accurate shooter. All in all – money very well spent. Never think you know too much to learn more…

Dave B

Michael with Flying Brass Firearms Training has improved my performance and skills. He asked what my goals were and what I was expecting to achieve. Beginning by working with assessing my starting point, from hand positions on the grip, draw from the holster, using electronic analysis tools to provide real time results on trigger actuation.

Part 2

Wasn’t bad at the range at all today, had a nice breeze blowing in to help with the heat. Leslie did an amazing job, the training provided by Michael / Flying Brass Firearms Training was applied and put into action. She was saying how much more confident she was I’ve got my work cut out as well and am glad that Michael had such a great way of training and providing feedback.

Kenny Medina

Michael is awesome. My kids had their first lesson already and looking forward to the second. 

Adam Lewis

I’ve taken a class and fully recommend anybody else doing the same. Can’t wait to do the SUPER excelled class 

Michael Kay